Lovište is a small port located at the very end of Pelješac peninsula opposite the island of Hvar. The Lovište bay is one of the most beautiful ones on the whole peninsula.

It is surrounded by wild and deserted beaches, the sea is crystal clear and warm which is ideal for swimming. It is famous for its sand and pebble beaches and coves that are hidden away and can only be reached by a boat or an SUV.

The most famous beaches on Pelješac are: Prapratno, Vodice, Duba, Trstenica, Dinač and Mirce.

  • The average temperature on Pelješac is 7 ⁰C in January and 26 ⁰C in July.
  • The average temperature of the sea is 13 ⁰C in January and 23.5 ⁰C in August