Enotourism and Gastronomy


Thanks to the fertile soil and plenty of sunshine the people of Pelješac have been engaged in viticulture, olive growing, growing of fruit and vegetables and also fishing so your table will be full of dried figs, salted sardines, high-quality olive oil and wine.

Pelješac wine road exists on the place where Napoleon’s road used to be and which was made over two centuries ago and goes through the most beautiful parts of Pelješac.

The soil, or better said the rock, together with the dedication of Pelješac winemakers has given the world the most famous wines that have made Pelješac and Croatia even more famous and a more attractive destination for wine tourism.

The southern sunny rock slopes of Pelješac have also given Croatia and the world an autochthonic sort Plavac mali and the most famous ones are Dingač and Postup. These localities very limited in size and the complete harvest is done by hand!

Wine cellars worth visiting:

  • Miloš, Grgić, Korta Katarina, Skaramuča, Madirazza, Matuško, Miličić, Mrgudić, Radović, Putniković

The sea around Pelješac is ideal for the farming of fish and shellfish, so there is a wide variety of shellfish, fish, mollusc and crabs to choose from.

Oysters and mussels are just some of the shellfish that provide an undeniable gastronomic experience. There are also fish like gilt poll, sea bass, dentex and groper and mollusc like octopus, squid and cuttlefish. All of them are used to make top class specialties.

There are also many meat dishes like roasted lamb or veal under the bell, Dalmatian pašticada (roast beef stuffed with bacon and cooked in wine and spices) etc