Viganj is the favourite meeting place of surfers from Europe and around the world. The wind which blows in the channel between Pelješac and Korčula provides ideal conditions for windsurfing. Mistral wind blows in summer which is the best wind for this sport because it is constant, it makes small waves and an adrenaline rush is guaranteed! All this provides great conditions for organizing different competitions so Viganj is traditionally the host of the Croatian open championship and the Croatian cup. A lot of windsurfing summer schools are organized each summer and all equipment can be rented there.



Boules is traditionally played in small Dalmatian villages and towns. There are two boules courts in the centre of Lovište. Unfortunately the local people are slightly abandoning this activity but during summer months the courts are revived again. Visitors are welcome to give a try.



Close to the town centre there is a grass football court. Every year a few matches are played there between the people who spend their summer in Lovište and the local people, and the most important one is the one which takes place on the first Saturday in August (Loviško Lito). In summer, futsal is played on this court almost every day because there is always someone interested, either the locals or the visitors.



Next to the football court there is a small basketball court with one hoop. It is 3 meters 20 tall (FIBA 3.05m) so no NBA played would be ashamed to play there.



The court is next to the main town beach, about 200 meters from the town centre. It is free for all visitors.



Water polo games are played mostly on folk fests and holidays. During summer months there is always a water polo goal there and everyone is free to use it. There are no waves there because it is a cove and the sea is very warm there so it is perfect for swimming.



The sea bed from Bezdija cove to Duba cove hides many secrets and curiosities. The sea is crystal clear with a lot of flora and fauna among which are two protected species, Periska shell (Pinna nobilis) and Posidonia sea weed. The well-indebted coast makes Lovište aquatorium irresistible to all kinds of divers.



Lovište aquatorium is also suitable for water sports like sailing, kayaking, water skiing etc. The Pelješac channel is very popular among those who like windsurfing.



Lovište has many nature trails which are very well kept. Fire paths and paths which lead to olive groves and vineyards are perfect for cycling (15 kilometres all together). For those who demand more, the main road to Orebić has a steep part uphill to Knez hill which is one of the steepest on Pelješac. Lovište also has 40 kilometres of shore so there is plenty of trail for walking. Intact nature, fresh air and the geographical position are ideal for those people who like this type of relaxation.



Sveti Ilija (Saint Elias, 961 m) is the highest summit and the most famous mountaineering destination on the Peljesac peninsula, situated on its western end. Massif around the summit of Sv. Ilija stretches from NE to SW coast of the peninsula, and it is 6.5 km long and around 2.5 km wide.

We advise nature lovers and hikers to climb sv. Ilija because it is rich with herbs and it is the home to moufflon.

The height and the location give one of the most amazing mountain-top views, one of the best ones in Croatia.

The hill is called Perunovo brdo (Perun´s mountain) after old Slavic word for god Perun, the master of thunders or Monte Vipera (Mountain of the snakes). The summit owes the current name to St. Elias chapel. The top is marked with a pile of stones, a small wooden cross and a marble plate with an inscription.